I.T. Management

IT audit
Documentation and review of existing hardware, software, network and communications, backups and disaster recovery plans. Identification of areas for change and I.T. opportunities. Development of an I.T. plan.

Software and applications package selection
Review of functionality required now and in the future and evaluation of software packages available.

Line management
Assistance with I.T. staff recruitment and development of training plans.

Business Systems Analysis

Analysis of existing systems
Research and document existing business practices and workflows.

Revision of worklow and practices for new manual and computerised systems
Process rationalisation to develop optimal processes, which may be maunual or automated.

Systems implementation

Systems design
Following on from business systems analysis, design of computerised ystems and their manual interfaces to improve business efficiency.

Software package implementation
Determination and setting the controlling parameter values. Loading of master data tables. Conversion of tracsaction files. Screen and report design.

Database design and construction
Relational database design and construction using MS Access. Consolidation of existing separate databases, removing redundant and conflicting information.

Knowledge transfer to your staff through development of documentation and hands-on training. As well as being involved in the specification of new systems, your staff will know how to use and maintain it.

Project management

Project planning and control
Development of a project plan with realistic deliverables, costs and timescales. Monitoring actual performance against the plan, and revision as appropriate.

Line management and troubleshooting
Hands-on assistance to resolve project issues.